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  Welcome to Absolute Best Concrete!

    Our Mission

To uphold or exceed industry standards in the workmanship & quality of our contracted services.  To enhance and improve the appearance of property. To provide quality workmanship, fair prices, and friendly service to our clients and all potential clients.  

   Quality Workmanship Terms & Conditions

  • Deck-O-Drain or pipe will be used when water drainage is blocked by
    concrete we pour.
  • All concrete will be sloped away from the house or building structure.
  • A ¾ inch PVC pipe will be placed under new concrete (before pouring)
    for all future planters (at Homeowner's Written Request.)
  • Please allow 24 hours of curing time before walking on new concrete.
  • Allow 7 days of curing time before driving on new concrete.
  • The curing of concrete is very unpredictable; spotting, splotching &
    discoloration can occur for long periods of time. On rare occasions the
    curing compound used may permanently spot the concrete. (If new concrete
    is covered by shade for an extended period of time curing time may need
    to be increased)
  • A color variation may appear when colored concrete is poured at separate times. Absolute Best Concrete, Inc. & their supplier will not be responsible
    due to different materials or dye batch that might be used which would
    cause a slight variation in the color mix.


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